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I am a Father, Music Producer, Musician, Author, Songwriter, Fisherman, Hunter, Adventurer, Snow Skier, Canoeist, Hiker,Spear Fisherman, Outdoorsman, Muppeteer, and Early Riser...

Lupus Rex Album Available Now!



The music inspired by Lupus Rex is meant to be a listening experience, front to back. And though individual song files may be purchased, I recommend it be listened to in its entirety for full enjoyment.

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Tim O’Brien
Damon Fielder
Bill Miller
Ronnie Bowman
Sarah Peasall
George Daeger
Dave Daeger
Natalie Aulvin,
Shane Ownby
Ashley Merrill
Tony Harrell
Ken Coomer
Mark Howard
Byron House
Matt Combs
Charlie Chadwick
…and John Carter Cash

Produced by John Carter Cash
Engineered and Mixed by Chuck Turner
Second Engineer, Trey Call
Recorded and mixed at the Cash Cabin Studio, Hendersonville Tennessee.
Lupus Rex by John Carter Cash available June 4th, 2013
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Lupus Rex

An astonishing new tale for children from John Carter Cash in the tradition of Watership Down, The Rats of Nimh, Redwall and Duncton Wood. Isyl and Cormo are two quail who must risk their lives when they are driven from their home by crows, and find they must make common cause with a other creatures, if they are to find safety in a world full of perils and adventure.

The crow king is dead, and in the field below all the creatures tremble as the Murder gathers to choose a new king from the rival sons Sintus, Milus and Nascus. When the crows drive everyone from the field to keep the reckoning secret, the quail Isyl, Cormo and Harlequin believe they must simply follow their elders to safety. But when the crows turn against each other, the forest becomes full of danger. In the confusion the last wolf, Asmod, shucks off his isolation and begins to raise an army to claim the kingdom for his own. As hidden truths are brought to light and enormous sacrifices are made Isyl and his friends must make an epic journey and an unthinkable alliance if the lesser animals are to survive.

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